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About Us

Radical news is an initiative taken up by Team Radical. It is a revolutionary platform meant to create an ambience of intellect, letting readers explore their choices in the real world, as we all come together and share our knowledge. Our writers share their fraction of knowledge in various facets, through their articles. The major and most valued contribution is that of our readers, who constantly support us and give their opinions of the content shared in the form of feedbacks.

We, at Radical news, aim to bring a change in the mindset of young people, that with vast resources, including ours, you can indulge in the continuous process of learning things that have always made you think about, things that you wonder. All that you need is guidance and we are here to provide you with that. Here, we give our best attempts at sharing with you, the basics of anything and everything, and the world is yours to explore.

We heartily welcome all the writers out there to share their knowledge with everyone and write with us.