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Ruplee: The New Way to Pay

Ever went to a fine dining restaurant and halfway through your meal you realise you left your wallet at home? The situation is even more embarrassing when you’re accompanied by family or friends, although that does take off the option of washing the utensils or faking a heart attack. Well worry no more, the ‘Ruplee App’ is here.

This app was founded by Natasha Jain, an entrepreneur who earned her Masters in Management Science Engineering from Stanford University. She is also behind the online college mentoring platform FreshMentors, founded in 2012.

There is an interesting story behind Ruplee. While on a visit to India, Natasha was dining at a restaurant and had to wait for over 20 minutes for her bill to arrive. Some lose patience and fight, Natasha came up with a solution to end this waiting problem.

She ideated the app which allows users to pay directly and securely from their smartphones, without the need of cash or credit/debit cards. To make a payment, just select the restaurant in the app and request for the bill. On receiving it, you can make the payment after entering a PIN manually on your own smartphone. After successful transaction, you can save the bill and monitor your spending.This benefits the restaurants as well since they make a loyal customer base, provide quicker and hassle free service and even download the payments made in the form of an excel sheet to analyse their revenue.

Ruplee is now available in many restaurants across Delhi and NCR and is expanding business to other cities like Mumbai. It is available for Android as well as iOS users and will be launching a Windows version soon. Apart from offering deals and discounts, Ruplee also offers the advantage of a cashless outing, because one might forget their wallet at home but never their smartohone!

Saksham Garg

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