Revolution through Evolution

New address- Hyatt hotel

Waking up to an exotic window view, a hearty breakfast at one click, relaxing in pools and spas for hours. Now who won’t love that? Spending  a week in 5-star hotel is all that we dream of for the year long. It gives the much needed break from the daily mundane life and rejuvenates our spirits. But what if you could spend all 365 days of the year in a 5-star hotel! 

This is exactly what Delhi’s civic planners have in their minds. So to all those who dreams of having a 5-star hotel like house, here are a few 5-star apartments for you. Yes, now you can buy posh service apartments in high-end hotels.

If you are having deep pockets and are willing to burn a hole in it, these are just the kind of living places that you are looking for.

According to The Urban Development Authority, hotels can now keep 40% of floor area ratio, which was 20% earlier, for commercial offices, retail and service shops. Further, of that 40%, 20% will be kept aside as service apartments. This would not only be beneficial for the buyers but also provide a push up to the total revenue of hotels. In all, it is a ‘win-win’ situation for both.

Hotels such as Hyatt Regency, The Leela Palace,The Lodhi, Qutab Hotel and The Grand could be one of the few who would be providing your new dream apartments.

These residential units will be sold only if the hotel land is freehold otherwise, the transfer of ownership of residential units will be allowed only after Delhi Development Authority frames rules for this purpose.

This project is an effort to bring the globally popular concept of branded residence to Delhi.

Taking the living standard of Delhilites to a new level, this project is surely a perfect blend of real state and hospitality sector.

  Future has the answer to how successful this new experiment will be in this country,but the next time when your relatives tell you that they are shifting to a hotel, do belive them. 

Nishita Singh

I have studied in as many as 10 schools, have friends in almost every corner of the country. Well yes! being a fauji brat is the best thing that has happened to me till date. By default a patriot lives in me. Being carefree, cheerful and chirpy is my style. I’m a highly optimistic person. I am an avid reader. Also, I love to visit new places and try its local delicacies. Writing is for me, one’s reflection to the world and the world’s to them. It’s the best way of expressing and understanding.