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What is 'Airtel Zero'?

Bharti Airtel, a leading telecom company in India has recently launched a service called 'Airtel Zero'. But the lingering question here is- 'What is Airtel Zero?' It's about time we find out.

How do we feel about being able to download certain apps for which no data charges apply? That's right; NO DATA CHARGES! Interesting, isn't it?

Lets dive a little deeper into these unknown waters. Since the development of cost-free voice calling features, the idea of developing a certain platform where applications can be downloaded, without being charged for the data used, popped up. Bharti Airtel was the first company to pounce onto this idea and work on it. And here they are with results.

How does 'Airtel zero' work?

   1. Mobile app makers register with ‘Airtel Zero’ to give customers

       toll-free access to their apps.

   2. Airtel informs customers about these toll-free apps.

   3. Customers download and access these apps at zero data

       charges – and enjoy their favorite online tasks

       (e.g. entertainment, shopping) for free – even at zero mobile balance.

What about the cost involved in this process?

Well, for starters, the companies which sign up with the plan will have to pay for their apps to be advertised by Airtel; also, the money that they will pay is inclusive of the data costs, that in general, is the user's to bear.

What is in it for the companies then?

The answer is simple. Every company, whether big or small will have an equal chance to reach out to their consumers. The biggest gainers will be the new and upcoming startups as they will be able to compete with the big names by spending roughly one-third of what they would have paid if they took to another mode of publicity; ranging from posters and banners to social media

And why would Airtel suddenly become so generous?

Well , Airtel is not here to compromise with their money. The money, which will come to them in bulk, will earn them more interest p.a. as compared to the interest they received when this money came in different short-lived fringes, thus skyrocketing their overall profits.

So as much as this is an attempt by Airtel to help promote companies and startups, it is also a new business strategy to inflate their profits even further. Although with all the controversy surrounding this new platform, it is yet to be seen how successful will it turn out to be for both Airtel and the companies which sign up for it.

Shantanu Saxena

A computer freak by passion and a writer by choice, I also tend to caress the outlines of poetry and fine arts. Also an avid follower of sports and a sportsman myself, I follow the principle of 'teamwork' very seriously.