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The A to O of Arduino

Arduino is an open source platform consisting of a physical programmable circuitboard (i.e. microcontroller) and a piece of software (i.e. Integrated Development Environment) used in several electronics projects often dealing with the physical environment. It was designed for hobbyists, artists, hackers, designers and basically anyone interested in creating objects or environments.

So why Arduino? Arduino has gained popularity among people due to many reasons.First, it provides a free software and relatively cheap hardware. Thus not only is it cost effective but user friendly as well.Second, it works on a simplified version of C++, thus making programming easier.Third, it doesn’t need a separate hardware to load data, a simple USB cable does the trick.

As a result, the Arduino board has wide applications. It can interact with buttons, LEDs, speakers, cameras, motors, GPS units, the internet, your TV and even your Smartphone! Arduino also offers analogue functions, such as controlling the intensity of street lights, making its usage quite practical and efficient. So Arduino basically acts as a small brain which can create numerous desirable operations in the above mentioned arenas.

Some of the Arduino projects stood apart from others. These include a small working replica of the MARS Rover, an LED matrix t-shirt, controlling one’s printer with it, turning it into a GPS receiver, and last but not the least, implementing Arduino Board in a weather detection system.

For beginners too, there are lots of interesting projects. For example, you can make a small traffic signal system of your own, build a battery tester, which gives the life of a battery, construct a stopwatch, a calculator or even make your Arduino send Tweets via Twitter. All these require a very basic knowledge of Arduino system and minimum equipments, making them suitable for students.

P. S. The name Arduino is an Italian masculine first name, meaning ‘strong friend’. Quite a diverse and talented friend indeed.

Saksham Garg

I love to read and explore new ideas. I take pleasure in expressing my views on such topics and sharing it, thus learning from my mistakes and improving. I have a very positive attitude towards life which also explains my love for humour. I hope to grow and learn as much as I can in life.