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Why don’t we have IIT -like schools?

Schooling, especially secondary schooling is an integral part of what becomes of a pupil. But unfortunately, the present scenario of primary and secondary education in the country is pitiable! There’s no opposition to the fact that ours is one of the most concrete education systems in the world, but again, cramming and using ink are not the mere traits of the Educated. 

IITs have a quality that is incomparable.  Heaven to the ones who possess a hunger to excel, they say. Brilliant faculty, a constructive environment and economic at the very same time- everything a bright mind requires to expand its horizons!

Why not provide the very same to a person when it is required THE most? A child envies his mate all his childhood for the extra marks he gets just to discover that his knowledge is of no use if he fails to express it? Or gets so influenced by a teacher with good speaking skills that he fails to understand that he is not teaching substance?

The trend that prevails is, you need to be wealthy and not worthy to get quality education.  We are well aware of the  standard that  government and public schools have, not everyone is lucky enough to belong to a missionary background and the fees of schools with International  affiliation is more or less equal to the income of a lower-middle class family! It is nothing but saddening to see wonderfully talented people lagging behind just because they’re under-confident or are not proficient at the global language. Soft skills if inculcated at an early age can do wonders!

A very same issue exists when it comes to the teachers. A lot of them earn their bread only by jotting down the content of the prescribed book on the board. A teacher who is not proficient in his subject is indirectly playing with the future of the country. The ‘each one, teach one’ campaign, although noble, cannot do much good to a child. Where will he use his knowledge of numbers and alphabets if he’s not given a platform?

The plan of action rests in the hands of the higher authorities. Quality education is the need of the hour! Shortlist the cream, as done at graduate level ,and give them the best at school level; criteria being only and only  the mettle of the kid .

The Indian youth needs a little more than learning how to fetch marks in examinations; they need to be educated. 

Shailvi Singh

I am a non-fiction writer who is truly in love with this language. I hanker to explore the art of articulating to an unfathomable depth. Computer Science is the bait when it comes to the technical world. Sounds funny, but being a philanthropist is the ultimate goal!