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The solution to your Water Woes: LIQUIPEL

Imagine the following scenarios: *Coffee spills on your coin*. *Your coin falls into toilet water*. 

*You’re stuck in a rainstorm and your coin gets drenched*. *Your coin remains submerged in perfume which leaked in your car compartment (believe me that can happen)*.

What do you do? Simple pick the coin up, wipe it and carry on about your business (except for the toilet water case, that’s just disgusting). Now read the scenarios again, only replacing coin with your SMARTPHONE. Yeah. Doesn’t feel so good now does it?

With the use of phones growing incessantly, it’s inevitable such incidents happen where your phone comes in contact with some liquid and starts malfunctioning. Water is a very big and quite evil enemy of electronics – it just messes it up.

Enter Liquipel: It is a nanotechnology solutions provider that works with manufacturers and directly with the public to provide super-hydrophobic protection and corrosion resistance to a variety of products, including smartphones, ear buds and headphones, tablets and other mobile electronics.

So how does this work? The devices are placed in a machine that creates a vacuum and then injects super-hydrophobic particles onto the outside and inside of the devices. Plasma then binds the formulation onto the devices’ surfaces and circuits, creating a microscopic gap of air between the object and liquid. The entire process, from start to finish, takes approximately 30 minutes.What does it mean for your phone? Will it look or feel different? Well no. The company claims that because the coating is 1,000 times thinner than a human hair, it does not affect the look or feel of products, including the components of electronic devices or the breathability of lifestyle materials. It’s pricing is a bit expensive right now (around $60 to Liquipel your phone, $90 for your tablet), the company believes with rising popularity the cost might come down.

Not only is this a revolutionary idea, it eliminates the need of bulky phone covers which are still unable to protect the phone completely. To all those who’re thinking of taking their phones to even the shower now, LiquipelTM warns against repeated exposure to liquids. But yes, having it coated with water protection layer does sound look a good idea. Who knows when the toilet water situation might come true…

Saksham Garg

I love to read and explore new ideas. I take pleasure in expressing my views on such topics and sharing it, thus learning from my mistakes and improving. I have a very positive attitude towards life which also explains my love for humour. I hope to grow and learn as much as I can in life.