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Redefine printing with the new ‘droPrinter’

With the advancement in science and technology, gadgets which earlier used to occupy a lot of space have started becoming smaller and smaller. One such gadget is a printer that can fit in your pocket; just connect it with your phone and print.

Known as ‘droPrinter’, it’s especially made for printing from a smartphone. It is extremely portable. You can carry it around in your pocket, purse or pyjamas. The printer is designed to print text, photos, doodles, websites and lots more stuff on your phone. All you got to do is connect it once with your phone and then keep on printing anything you want from it.

But most people have this ‘BEEP-BOP-BEEEP’ sound making image of a printer which consumes great quantities of ink. Well not anymore. The droPrinter doesn’t require any ink. It uses thermal paper to print anything displayed on the screen. The thermal paper is coated with a solid state mixture, that when heated above its melting point, reacts with the acid, and shifts to its coloured form, thus giving the required data.

It has 85 feet of paper roll in it and a rechargeable battery that can provide 7 hours of continuous printing, 120 hours on standby. That means you can go on about your printing business for a long time before worrying about refilling it. Since it doesn’t use ink and paper roll are quite cheap, the running cost of droPrinter is quite less.

So how did the droPrinter come into existence? The droPrinter campaign was started by a young student and it received a very positive response on kickstarter.com. The idea was a hit and people pledged their money generously. The droPrinter was able to successfully raise $57,361 AUD with 680 backers in a matter of few weeks. They hope to start mass production by December 2015 and shipping by March next year. It’s priced around $60 and will become cheaper once production picks up pace.


Saksham Garg

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