Revolution through Evolution

Revolutionize your typing skills with keyboardio!

Richard Powers stated, “Type a few lines of code, you create an organism”. But what if your imagination is complex enough & you can’t get a handy keyboard to complement your feelings? Then its high time my friends! You should certainly treat yourself with this amazing gadget: Keyboardio!

As the name suggests, it is obviously a keyboard, but not like the conventional keyboards we use. Its makers learned right from 3D modelling to electrical engineering, soldering, laser cutting & even 3D printing, and CNC milling as well.

Its appearance is nothing like the usual keyboards, is even more durable. The plastic & metal keyboards didn’t give the right feel, leaving them with maple wood. Each keyboard is milled from solid maple. It makes you feel as if your fingers are resting on an instrument & you’re about to play!

To avoid giving model too alien feel, the keyboard is based on the default key layout on QWERTY. But there are some important changes made, the keys are aligned in columns so they're easier to reach without having to contort fingers. The two halves of the keyboard are angled to help keep your wrists in a more natural, neutral position. 

It comprises of high quality mechanical key switches LED underneath your keys, & sculpted keycaps to guide your fingers.

It took th manufacturers two & a half years building dozens of prototypes & then stumbling upon this ultimate piece of craft!

Himanshi Gupta

Coding in my brain, colors in my vein.Still, my heart goes to all the creative things in the world. From sketching, drawing to painting canvases, I love anything and everything related to illustration. All i need is a paper and pencil and i'm good to go. If everything works as per plan, I wish to travel the world while expressing my art.