Revolution through Evolution


Nokia has joined the Virtual Reality market by introducing ‘OZO’, a virtual reality camera that is able to capture videos in 360 degrees. A 360 degree video is one where the viewer is able to change his or her field of view as the video plays, thus giving a 360 degree view of the incidents taking place in the video. So you’re not only watching a video, but interacting with it. It has been a few months since YouTube published the first 360 degree video, but they have come into limelight only recently.

So how is OZO able to record videos in 360 degrees?

OZO captures stereoscopic 3D video through eight synchronized global shutter sensors. The spatial audio is recorded with the help of eight integrated microphones. Later, the dedicated software puts together these fragments of video from different cameras, much like a puzzle. The resultant is a 360 degree video, which gives the user the feeling of being there. You navigate through a video the same way you used to navigate images in Google Maps’ Street View. Software built for OZO also allows real-time 3D viewing.

What does the future hold for OZO?

Virtual Reality is still in its infancy. There is a lot of scope in this field: with gadgets like Oculus Rift, cameras like Nokia OZO, and advanced software, one can experience and explore all sorts of places while sitting at home. Such systems can help humans reach inaccessible places, for training purposes in military and for navigation as well. On the lighter side, virtual reality is a hit in gaming and cinematography. Companies like Jaunt have come forward and shown support for OZO. It’s only a matter of time before our movie viewing experience changes altogether!

Saksham Garg

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