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SignAloud: Lending a helping hand

Two young and extremely talented students from the University of Washington have developed SignAloud: a pair of gloves that translate the sign language into text or speech in real time. This will come in handy for deaf or hard-to-hear people since it will help them overcome the problems they face while communicating with others.

The gloves have sensors inside them, which track the user’s hand movements and this information is sent to the computer via Bluetooth. The movements or gestured are processed, finally converting the American Sign Language into speech or text using an existing database. All this happens in real time making the communication successful. 


Thomas Pryor and Navid Azodi, the genius minds behind the gloves, bagged the $10,000 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for their noble invention. They have had a knack for technology and the commone intention of helping the world. Both of these led them to SignAloud. Though there were some existing methods as well, either they were too bulky, expensive or complex. SignAloud offers a cheap and convenient alternative. 

Not only this, Thomas and Navid hope that this technology can even find a place in virtual reality, gaming, patient monitoring systems and much more. These gloves really are quite a handful!


Saksham Garg

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