Revolution through Evolution

Project Ara : The Lego Phone

Meet Project Ara, Google’s one stop solution to all your smartphone regrets, be it the mediocre battery life on your Nexus 5, the struggling camera on your MotoG or the memory struggles on the ever inefficient iPhones. Developed by Google’s Advanced Technologies and Products (ATAP) group, it is one of the many technological juggernauts that the internet giant plans to roll out.

Google’s latest effort to revolutionize the smartphone environment aims at creating a device consisting completely of replaceable parts or “modules”. The basic core of the phone on which the entire device will get designed around is the endoskeleton or “endo”. You can design the look and feel of your phone as and how you wish .  Its amazingly similar to assembling your own PC with your own choice of CPU, GPU, camera, screen and sim slots..

This lego logic seems to be becoming very popular since the release of the project idea on youtube. And it isn’t really surprising considering the amazing prospects that this project offers. Instead of changing your smartphone every Christmas; you could just replace a few modules and Bazinga!, your Christmas just became way merrier. Named after its lead mechanical engineer, the project will run on the Android operating system. The head of Project Ara, Paul Eremenko, says he is planning “the most custom mass-market product ever created by mankind” and claims that the product will be out in about an year. 

Although ATAP is currently using module shells out of injection-moulded polycarbonate plastic, it plans to use the concept of 3D printing to print out the shells in the near future. With a very low aim of starting prices, the Ara team wants it to be available and affordable to all. But it isn’t all fairies and unicorns either. The customizable devices will be fairly bulky, somewhat inefficient and might have many other shortcomings. But when it does hit the market, and let’s hope it will, Project Ara is going to be the best thing that’s happened to smartphones since the touchscreen.

Harshit Singh

I spend most of my short and lonely weekends drowned in magazines and books with the unlikely dream of becoming an author myself someday. With a love for technology and a lot of idle time i somehow manage to pen down my musings for all the other techno geeks like myself out there.