Revolution through Evolution

A cardboard with vision

Ever thought of walking in places in full virtual reality mode as if they were really there?  Don’t bother! Guys at Google did that for you. The new feature in the app for Google maps transforms street view into Google cardboard view.

Google Cardboard as Google itself describes is a fold-out cardboard smartphone mount that, when combined with lenses, a magnet, a piece of hook-&-loop fastener & a rubber band & held against the face, affords a virtual reality experience. In other words, it lets you experience virtual reality in a simple, fun & inexpensive way. It is dirt-cheap & allows you to take a tour of different locations around the world.

At first glance, it may look like an unfinished school project, but later makes you realise how it can work as a virtual reality headset.

Its working is no rocket science but hats-off to the thought & its execution. It works by simply placing your phone in the slot in such a way that it is at the required distance from the lenses. Then, the moment it is held up to your eyes, the lenses create a 3-D effect by using congruous apps. This happens due to a plain magnet which is held in place by another fixed magnet. Now, pulling one of the magnet causes a sudden fluctuation in the magnetic field which is caught by the sensors in the phone. The corresponding application manages & monitors these fluctuations fulfilling the desired intent.

Although it is already cut-price, but there are several clones available online including I AM CARDBOARD which is a company that makes Google Cardboard alternatives. Other alternatives encompass-Plastic Cardboard from Easy Life, Carl Zeiss VR One, and EVA VR kit.There are several fancy alternatives easily available in case you’re drawn through this article. You can even refer to the YouTube tutorials if you feel like making your own headset from the scratch. For some it may sound obvious, others get ready for a real world experience!

Himanshi Gupta

Coding in my brain, colors in my vein.Still, my heart goes to all the creative things in the world. From sketching, drawing to painting canvases, I love anything and everything related to illustration. All i need is a paper and pencil and i'm good to go. If everything works as per plan, I wish to travel the world while expressing my art.