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Tortoise Gets A 3D Printed Shell

The recent use of 3D printing to alleviate a painful condition suffered by an ailing tortoise named Cleopatra could easily be the most remarkable animal application yet for this technology.

When Nicola Novelli, founder of Canyon Critters, started taking in rescued animals in order to save them from euthanisation, he came across a tortoise named Cleopatra, who was living with a painful condition. Novelli came up with the idea of 3D printing a shell that could be a placed over the top of Cleopatra’s own shell for protection, someone from Colorado Technical University offered to help him realise this idea.

He then worked with the University, along with 3D Printing Store in Denver, the USA, who 3D scanned Cleopatra’s original shell and donated resources to the project. While 3D printing store scanned and took measurements, Sr. Roger Henry, took on the task of designing the actual 3D model for the shell.

A typical tortoise has an expected lifespan of 80 years, and it will grow in size by 200 per cent to 300 per cent. This means that new shells will have to be printed out as she ages.

Sakshi Wagh

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