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Google, Levi Strauss team up to bring you Smart Pants

What could an iconic jeans maker and a technology giant have in common? Their innovations. Google is all set to tie up with popular jean maker Levi Strauss to develop smart clothes capable of interacting with mobile devices. Named project Jacquard, the plan would be implemented by a small team at Google called Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP).

Jacquards makes garments interactive- simple gestures like tapping or swiping send a wireless signal to the wearer’s mobile device and activate functionality, such as silencing phone calls or sending a text message.

While the clothes are expected to be stretchable and washable like normal fabric, these would also be able to connect to devices. Special threads would be woven into a wide array of fabrics.

Google says that, with the use of standard, industrial looms, touch and gesture interactivity could be woven to any textile. Hence, anything involving fabric is likely to have computer touch-pad style control capabilities woven into it.

The conductive yarn would be connected to minute circuits, no bigger than jacket buttons and small electronics that can use algorithms to recognize touch or swipes.

Sakshi Wagh

I love to read mysteries and sci-fi novels. I personally believe that books are not only a getaway from reality but also a gateway to reality. I travel a lot and i love to try local delicacies of places that i travel too. I love to spend time learning about digital electronics and cryptography and I hope to make these the works of my life someday.