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Wrapping the Space : OneWeb's satellite constellation

"Internet from space" is the new race .Giants like Google, SpaceX, Facebook are inventing new technologies to wrap the space with satellite constellation, making Internet accessible to billions .

Joining the league OneWeb Ltd. in 2014 acquired the satellite spectrum that was formerly owned by SkyBridge to offer broadband internet services via satellite.

In 2015, OneWeb awarded the contract of designing and manufacturing 900 satellites to Airbus Defense and Space. The satellite will weigh less than 150 kg and only 700 satellites will be launched into the lower Earth orbit by 2018.

About OneWeb Ltd. : 

Founded by Greg Wyler, whose previous satellite venture O3b (The other 3 billion) networks was acquired by Google. He left Google in 2014 to work on a new satellite project , named Worldvu, which later became OneWeb.

The satellites will operate in the Ku band, communicating in the microwave range of frequencies in the 12–18 GHz portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Each satellite will be capable of generating 6 Gigabits/second of throughput and will provide Internet access at 50 Megabits/second.

Backed by Richard Branson of Virgin Group and chip maker Qualcomm ,the company is expected to require up to US $3 billion in capital by the time the full constellation becomes operational in 2019–2020.

Aiming the vision 2020, these companies are continuously pushing the boundaries to connect everyone with high-speed Internet. With projects like OneWeb's satellite constellation the future seems to be near.

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