Revolution through Evolution

Harnessing Solar Power

Recently, the use of non conventional energy sources has increased exponentially. Amongst them, solar power is the biggest contender. Although pollution free with no by products, the use of solar power has been limited due to high costs, low efficiency and storage problems. Pamela Silver at Harvard Medical School and Daniel Nocera in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences have come up with a possible solution to store solar power. And no, it does not involve catching sunshine in glass jars.

They have developed a bionic leaf, which is used to convert solar power into a usable liquid fuel. The process is explained as under – 

Thus biology and technology have come together to produce clean and more importantly, safe energy. Continuous work on these ‘bionic’ leaves has made them 10 times more efficient than their natural counterparts. Thus it produces photosynthesis far more effectively. This has unending implications. Solar fuel can now be stored and used efficiently. Deforestation can be tackled by the use of such ‘super trees’. It can also end fuel shortage and as a consequence, many wars. After all, the Sun is the ultimate source of power. The closer we get to harnessing its full potential, the better it will be for Mother Earth and us.

Pamela Silver also plans to take this to the pharmaceutical industry. She feels that by modifying this technology, the bacteria could also be used to produce drugs which are otherwise very expensive to manufacture. It will help bring down the high cost of medicines.

Food for thought: Do you think solar power can also be exploited like the way nuclear power was to bring utmost devastation and destruction? After all, we humans are capable of achieving even the most impossible of things.


Saksham Garg

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