Revolution through Evolution

Stop Feeding Start Saving

How many times has it happened that you visit a new place and got excited by seeing monkeys, pigeons over there?

Well ours is a country full of tourist places and almost at all these places siting of animals and birds is quite usual.

We Indians are the ones who love feeding them. It brings great elation to our hearts watching them eat food given by us, doesn’t it? Well if you are also one of those ‘kind-hearted, ‘big-hearted’ visitors then it’s time for you to stop. 

See, according to a new survey fishes are dying and pigeons are getting so obese that they can’t make long flight due to over-eating.

It is a common myth in India that feeding cows, dogs, and birds brings good luck. Often people feed street dogs with sweets and biscuits, which is actually bad for their skin.Many a times, birds simply gulp the grain given to them which lodges in their beak and causes them trouble.

At Albert Hall in Jaipur, people turn up in hordes to feed pigeons. These birds have become so obese that they can’t fly beyond the historical building. Shocking, right? Not just that, by feeding them you might actually be harming your house as their droppings causes building decays due to high acidic level.

Monkeys have become so habitual and courageous in taking food from people that, they often hurt the visitors. These acts are making them more and more aggressive. (When it comes to lakes, me either bring it from our homes or buy wheat flour balls to feed the fishes.) It, for sure, gives a pleasant picture watching them nibbling the food. But this food proves to be fatal for them.

In many lakes, all over India, fishes are dying due to overeating. They must eat sea plants and small fishes. This is disturbing the natural food chain. Also, they often do not finish these wheat balls which later pollute the water body.

So these vacations, no matter which place you visit, enjoy the tour, watch the animals but be careful not to feed them.

Remember, “jeevo jeevaaya bhojanam”

That is, one is being the food of another. Keep this in mind and let’s not disturb the food cycle.

From now, stop feeding and start saving so that the next time you visit the place you get to see them again.

Nishita Singh

I have studied in as many as 10 schools, have friends in almost every corner of the country. Well yes! being a fauji brat is the best thing that has happened to me till date. By default a patriot lives in me. Being carefree, cheerful and chirpy is my style. I’m a highly optimistic person. I am an avid reader. Also, I love to visit new places and try its local delicacies. Writing is for me, one’s reflection to the world and the world’s to them. It’s the best way of expressing and understanding.