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India is one the few places on the planet where civilian drones can be legally used. That said, with many commercial organisations planning to use drones, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had announced that till proper rules and regulations are formulated use of drones in India is illegal, reports DNA India.  While,  The Obama administration has virtually said "no" to the Pakistani demand of an "end to the drone strikes", saying such attacks against terrorist groups are not only precise, but also "lawful" and "effective". The big question here is, Why doesn't the Indian Army foil infiltration bid into the Kashmir Valley of militants from across the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir's Kupwara district by using drones?

Since India has two places of interest where potential targets are located:

  1. Kashmir valley.
  2. Pok.

It is very clear that we face threat over these areas of the country then why not defend ourselves? That way our use of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones is totally justified. In my opinion drone strikes are necaessary, legal and just. Since people are getting  killed by these drone strikes.

The pros of drone strikes subdue its cons. As drone strikes render lesser casualties than due to any other military weapon. Drone strikes make the war personels safer hence minimizing the risk of injury and death. And these strikes are cheaper than the manned aerial combat or ground combat. Where the law is concerned drone srtikes are totally legal under the international laws and deemed as legitimate self-defense. Drones limit the scope and scale of military action as  Using drone strikes against terrorists allows to achieve goals at a fraction of the cost of an invasion in money, manpower, and lives altogether. Drone strikes are carried out with the collaboration and encouragement of local governments, and make those countries safer.

Another important advantage is that the drone pilots have a lower risk for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) than pilots of manned aircraft and other battlefield soldiers.

Conclusively majority of people support drone strikes. So these strikes carried out in a lawful and demadful conditions can prove to be a major breakthrough for India.

Rounak Varun

I believe that writing is the reflection of who we actually are. I write because it is a source of recreation to me. My inclination is towards art and I dream when I'm awake.A non conformist who thinks ahead of whims and fancies. Spontaneity keeps me going though life has taken a sabbatical since I joined the technical field.