Revolution through Evolution

Independent, are we?

Just like every year, India celebrated its Independence Day on 15th of August.Yet again, a country of 1.28 billion took pride in calling themselves “independent”. Flags were hoisted, speeches were delivered, patriotic songs were sung and of course the whole nation watched the parade. But did anyone stop for a while and gave a thought to what independence actually is.

Dictionary defines it as “exemption from reliance on, or control by others”. Do you think alike? Does the liberty of making our decisions by ourselves makes us independent? Confused what I’m talking about? Okay, let’s think of an animal that is not free. How did you picture it? The one who is in fetters and is behind the bars, most probably in a zoo? But what about that animal who has a “smile” on its face, sparkle in its eye and performs in circus? Why didn’t you think of it? Simple reason – our very definition of independence is not completely correct.

Independence is not merely the freedom to roam about and speak freely. It is freedom from everything that holds us back. To name a few factors which captivates us are fear, jealousy, intolerance, hatred, bitterness and the list goes on and on.And being Indians, we have terrorism, corruption and communal violence as cherry on cake. 

It is not just the liberty of physical body but more importantly of our minds. Our fear is what that presses every feather of our wings and holds us back.Jealousy is another factor which makes us chop-off others wings.And as whole, the sky remains empty. Not a single free bird to fly.Many a times we can’t express ourselves as words gets chocked in and almost double the time we curb other’s voices.

We must learn to speak for ourselves, let go and also free others from trammels. As quoted by Coco Chanel,

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud. ”

For sure this is not a cake walk, but what better example can be than the perseverance of our freedom fighters.

Time has come to break-free ourselves from all the shackles and call ourselves truly independent. Come out of this delusional idea of independence.  Start from today so that the next Independence day we’ll not just call ourselves but also be ‘free’.

Nishita Singh

I have studied in as many as 10 schools, have friends in almost every corner of the country. Well yes! being a fauji brat is the best thing that has happened to me till date. By default a patriot lives in me. Being carefree, cheerful and chirpy is my style. I’m a highly optimistic person. I am an avid reader. Also, I love to visit new places and try its local delicacies. Writing is for me, one’s reflection to the world and the world’s to them. It’s the best way of expressing and understanding.