Revolution through Evolution


After the havoc created by Jats and Gujjars in the name of demanding backward class reservations for their community, which the Supreme court had apparently turned down a couple of months ago, another similar public demonstration was held  in parts of Gujarat by Patidar youth, also identified as Patels to include them in the OBC category.

Hardik Patel, the leader of the rally, correctly named “The man without a plan”, who speaks of uniting 27 crore Patidars under his leadership, seems to be just inspired by violence, street vigilantism and contradictory and confused notions of injustice. His words and actions, both reveal that about the guy in his early 20s. He was once quoted as saying “Koi humare logo ko chhoo kar toh dikhaye. kitne hath tode hain maine, maloom?” After he hogged the headlines and trended the social media, the poster boy for the rally seems to be loving popularity. Having questioned about his next step towards this movement he is leading, he unintelligently answers- “I am waiting to go and attend the reality show AAP KI ADALAT.” Looks like a fame seeker can’t wait to go live on television again!

The traditionally considered socially, politically and economically ahead of other castes in Gujarat, a large number of people belonging to this community had, in 1985, raised their voice against reservation quota, introduced by former  INC Chief Minister Madhavsinh Solanki. Riots were spilled over the state which resulted in thousands of deaths. Back then, the merit was the clinching argument. The prime basis of the demand was to judge the candidates appearing for course admissions and jobs either on the basis of their scores or their economic status, not on grounds of the surnames they hold. But now, with his illogical demand to include his dominant community in OBC category, our Gujju hero does not realise that he is effectively rejecting all the arguments against the affirmative action his forefathers had made 30 years ago.

The frequently used logic  that Hardik Patel is giving for his action that a candidate who scores 45% marks gets admission in prestigious colleges and the ones who top the universities lag behind due to this reservation system in the country, does not at all justify his demand. He is, in a way, supporting the whole cause he is fighting against, by joining the queue for quotas. The very definition of injustice here, which is considered to be the biggest argument when we talk about caste based reservations, is being the basis for demanding the same.

Just like the baseless approach of Jats and Gujjars to get the benefit of reservation, which only the financially weaker section of society requires, burning buses and harming lives will do no good because dear Mr. Patel, backwardness is defined by a set of criteria in our country, it is not an executive’s prerogative.

Kajal Sharma

Being a demure, penning down my heart has always helped me exult and also commiserate. So, a pen and a paper is what I confide in. I believe pen is mightier than sword. Another assuaging part of my life is music. I find singing very alleviating and refreshing. I like being self dependent and I believe nothing is impossible to achieve if you set your heart and mind to it.