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‘If a snake bites your neighbour, you too are in danger’. It means that there are snakes in the neighbourhood. This proverb is in comparison to the recent refugee situation of Syrians. Syria’s civil war is the worst humanitarian disaster of our times.  The number of innocent civilians suffering — more than 11 million people are displaced, thus far — and the increasingly dire impact on neighboring countries can seem too overwhelming to understand.When did the crisis start?

Anti-government demonstrations began in March of 2011, part of the Arab Spring. But the peaceful protests quickly escalated after the government's violent crackdown, and rebels began fighting back against the regime.By July, army defectors had loosely organized the Free Syrian Army and many civilian Syrians took up arms to join the opposition. Divisions between secular and Islamist fighters, and between ethnic groups, continue to complicate the politics of the conflict.

The U.N. estimates that 7.6 million people are internally displaced. When you also consider refugees, more than half of the country’s pre-war population of 23 million is in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, whether they still remain in the country or have escaped across the borders.Majority of the Syrian refugees are living in Jordan and Lebanon. Hundreds of thousands of refugees are also attempting the dangerous trip across the Mediterranean Sea from Turkey to Greece, hoping to find a better future in Europe. Not all of them make it across alive.

The important question that still remains is what conditions are refugees facing outside camps? Some Syrians know people in neighboring countries who they can stay with. But many host families were already struggling on meager incomes and do not have the room or finances to help as the crisis drags on.

Refugees find shelter wherever they can.

I feel it is very important to help these people on humanitarian grounds and form allies with them. They are under a very overwhelming situation and all they need is a roof over their heads. No matter what the reason is behind their escape from danger and how much they have hoped for safety and better future, their adjustment to a different culture and life in their host country is difficult and stressful.

Here’s how we can make a difference to them:

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  • Tell your friends.
  • Start a campaign.
  • Sign a petition.

Rounak Varun

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