Revolution through Evolution


AUGUST 6th, 1945- On this day, someone’s diary must have witnessed the most dreadful feeling of its author. The day which not only marked the blur end of world war 2,but also the blur end of human kind and also the rise of a monster with a scary “WARHEAD”. Nicknamed as “LITTLEBOY” by its father, this monster ripped of a total of 250k homo-sapiens along with it.

IT was the beginning of the “NEXT BIG THING”, lobbied early on that the atomic bomb should only be built as a deterrent against Nazi Germany getting a bomb, and should not be used against populated cities. But the dices bluffed, The Little Boy was detonated over the Japanese city of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. It was US then, and so it is now.US and Russia comprises more than 90% of the nukes of the total world. There are 8 sovereign states that are considered to be "nuclear-weapon states" (NWS) under the terms of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT).

The next big thing, becomes the next big debate, that-Are “NUKES” really necessary?  Isn’t there any other way for the countries to be at PEACE? Well how can we even talk about peace!  Let’s put it this way – Can’t the countries find out another way to “BOAST THEIR SUPERIORITY”?  When asked, they only have that mugged up answer- IT’S FOR THE SECURITY SAKE. What security are they talking about, when their country itself faces a major threat because of the possession of NUKES. Threats namely nuclear waste and war-head failure are major. During a cold-war, countries acquire major tendency to use a WARHEAD. “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind” as quoted by Gandhi ji supports the next major thought. ‘A NUKE FOR A NUKE WILL MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD END’.

It does have a handful of pros like Deterrence OR Nuclear Peace during cold wars. For say, US and RUSSIA are at an epic rivalry, but they are at nuclear peace as they know the consequences that eliminate the possibility of nuclear victory. But, these handful pros don’t overshadow the cons of the hazard.

All those points stated by the so called army generals of the respective nations are so mugged up that they don’t make sense and can be easily contradicted. 

Some protests like of OCT. ’81 and ’83 did bring glorious change to the scenario which was developing in the past, where a spark ignited the flame in hearts of people, who came down on roads in count of millions to protest against the Monster. This “BIG BILLION PROTEST” awoke the sleeping government which then came up with a “NUCLEAR PEACE ARGUMENT” & rule of “NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT”.

But, as humans, we all know deep inside, that rules are just a few words of literature, which are forgotten when MAY-DAY breaks out. The entire world is at abstract risk until the warheads are abolished. Nothing was, is and will be achieved by WAR except for destruction and loss of human race, LOVE,PEACE AND RESPECT are the three weapons of “MASS AFFECTIONS” which if used can rip of  the weapons of mass destruction. NO one wants WAR, No one wants JIHAAD. 

It is the harvest of the mindless “WAR-A-HOLIC HEADS” that needs to be ripped before time, it’s before dawn and the darkness is at rise. It’s time to stop, act and act wise.


Yash Kalra

A skilled automobile designer and a lyricist,known for vivid imagination, have been a disciple of arts from the very beginning of mutual understanding between words and me. Tangentially covering the boundaries of every field, have had a taste of everything. Believes in writing to express than to impress.