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Social Media Marketing- The new trend

The boom of Social Media has taken the world by a storm. In the business domain, corporates have been using Social Media marketing as an effective strategy to leverage their online presence. E-commerce biggies Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart rely on heavy Social media marketing, with discounts and coupons flooding newsfeeds and accounts.

The potential of social media marketing needs to be exploited to the fullest, as it is an inexpensive way to market a product or service, and helps target the ideal customer.

Some of the ways in which one can leverage social media marketing and cash in more bucks are:-

I. More and more of Multimedia!

It’s easier for people to connect with an image, video and a jingle rather than business advertisements and promotional fluff. Visitors are more likely to follow, share and like videos and pictures, further spreading it to their friends, if it is eye-catching and relevant

II. Widespread Networking

Adding Social sharing buttons to the content and social follow buttons to the website helps one reach a wider range of audience, as this facilitates the onset of a chain reaction of people liking, sharing and following the brand.

III. Offers, Discounts, Contests and Campaigns!

Innovative offers, coupons, privileges and discounts help in ensuring a faithful audience, and helps rake in increased profits. Launching campaigns to social media channels helps garner maximum attention. But it is important to monitor how social media users respond to the brand marketing strategy and obtain feedback to optimise the plans.

Social Media Marketing is the next big thing, and with technological developments, improvement in living conditions and economy, it is here to stay.

Chhavi Srivastava

A bibliophile, with an inquisitive bend of mind, I truly believe the pen is mightier than the sword.