Revolution through Evolution

The CM League

The opinions may vary, the thoughts may clash, the musings might pinch and the brains might bash! Call it BJP’s decimation or Congress’s loss, but it is undoubtedly an unprecedented victory for AAP.  

To state the bygone era, he made the Aam Admi Party but quit the chair of CM in 2014. When the upsurge was taken to Lok Sabha elections in 2014 by BJP, it immediately ignited him to resume his quest. He then thrived through the Delhi elections in 2015 and here he is now- the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal- the mufflerman, but a credential engineer of IIT and an IRS inspector. He has claimed his stance, by triumphing the despise because of his withdraw. 

The Modi critics say that it was a plot to make Kejriwal the CM. Well, indeed it might have been. After all, it is the Swacha Bharat Abhaiyan that Kejriwal wants to contribute for with his jhadu, being the anti-corruption leader. 

But who is the biggest competitor of Congress then? BJP, that swept to power with the biggest national elections or AAP, that swarmed into Delhi un-thwarting? The ground reality still is that the Gandhi dynasty has been both federally and regionally non-receptive for the people to accept them. 

To talk about the perturbed flow of misleading statements, it would sound cliché not to congratulate the success Mr. Kejriwal has had. We can commence to churn out the errands but cannot hold back corruption with the new Chief Minister.

Ishani Mishra

I am a trained vocalist and an Odissi dancer. Albeit I am no preacher of the Indian Classical Art and Culture but I find a divine and spiritual connection which inclines me towards it. Other than this, I am a writer by passion.I hence like to move into reveries and ponder about issues and gather all the musings with my pen. I have a varied taste of writing and thus wish to try my hands on any and every aspect possible. And, my future aspiration is to become a civil servant.