Revolution through Evolution

When Obama Care met Modi Sarkar!

The glimpse of having a vision might commence with a slow pace, but once it accelerates, it is hard to imagine one’s failure. The man in a white kurta and a saffron tinted turban on the 15th August 2014, was clear of his huge revelations for our nation. To bring about a change, he has been doing the incredible.

One of the pitching arenas he invested on has been ‘Business’. From agriculture to trading, from economy to the ambitions of a clean Ganga, from climate issues to issues of farmers, from partnership to addressing global challenges, he took in account of all, in the Indo-US CEO Meet. The US President Barack Obama too poured in his excitement for adopting these smart regulations. According to him, the Indian Diaspora has created incredible companies as well as the value and ethics all over the world, and hence states “We’ve got to do better”. 

The idea is of growth- growing trade to make way for upgrading the India’s infrastructure, for growing defence cooperation and resuming the bilateral investment treaty. The need is to foster a business environment- consistent and more predictable. And the pre-requisite is to make sure that the economic in India and US is sustainable. 

The Prime Minister said he wants to convert the Supreme Court judgement on coal allocation into ‘an opportunity to move forward and clean up the past’, as he wooed CEO’s of large American companies to invest in India in large sectors including infrastructure. 

The essence of realisation of making ourselves at parity in this globally multifaceted utopia is what Mr. Narendra Modi has been working upon ever since he took the charge. Let us experience the inexperienced!

Ishani Mishra

I am a trained vocalist and an Odissi dancer. Albeit I am no preacher of the Indian Classical Art and Culture but I find a divine and spiritual connection which inclines me towards it. Other than this, I am a writer by passion.I hence like to move into reveries and ponder about issues and gather all the musings with my pen. I have a varied taste of writing and thus wish to try my hands on any and every aspect possible. And, my future aspiration is to become a civil servant.