Revolution through Evolution

Is India a Hindu Rashtra ?

The riot was sparked by the brick worship ceremonies connected with the plans to build a Ram temple on the site of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. The ceremonies clashed with a Muslim festival, and violence broke out between the young men of the two religions. What else could have ended the monopolies? It was the title post haste, namely The Bhagalpur Riots. And we abhorred the Muzzaffarnagar Riots because a girl of a specific religion was eve-teased by a man of another specific religion, which charged up the youth from both sides and the outcome was only bloodshed. The Saharanpur catastrophe happened because a disputed land got the seal of approval for a Gurudwara, but the Muslims of in and outside the city urged an attack over it for a mosque, on the very night when the construction was to begin. All this again engulfed ‘Hindutva’ when people in the movement saw no rescue and relief by the government. 

When the efficacy of the ‘demographic dividend’ of our country involves itself into such patriotism, what does it conclude? Who exactly is in question for such mess? Is it about debating democracy? Or is it a totally different arena called religion? Or is it the boycotting of Muslims and redeeming anti-Muslims everywhere? 

The British believed in ‘Divide and Rule’, whose pragmatic value has been efficient in India, where the government rules the nation by dividing the toil. It goads the previously established sects, cultures, religions and castes to have a proper functioning. Hence debating democracy is wrong. And had the division been a problem, India could have never stood by its unity with such secularism and would have broken exactly like the states of USSR. Also, had abolishing religion been a solution, then what values of leading a life could humans have followed? The Bhagawad Gita, the Quran, the Bible and the Guru Granth Sahib teach us the same lessons of life but provide directions differently. An atheist too belongs to a religion by fate and he does respect his elders and aims to achieve the goals in his life, which might not be taught to him by the holy book of his religion but, by the elders of his clan. Hence religion is not the dilemma.

It is all about the alleged egotism of a man which disregards him of the basic humanity .The beheading and encounters can meet the horizon of peace, only when the ‘patriots’ overlook the word ‘riots’ and realise that Hindustan does not mean the land of Hindus, it is merely the land of homes. To be precise, all Hindus and Muslims are Hindustani in India.

Ishani Mishra

I am a trained vocalist and an Odissi dancer. Albeit I am no preacher of the Indian Classical Art and Culture but I find a divine and spiritual connection which inclines me towards it. Other than this, I am a writer by passion.I hence like to move into reveries and ponder about issues and gather all the musings with my pen. I have a varied taste of writing and thus wish to try my hands on any and every aspect possible. And, my future aspiration is to become a civil servant.