Revolution through Evolution

The Renaissance of Indian Politics

Indians never cease to amaze, often it's the international world on the receiving end but sometimes even fellow Indians get a jab of surprise. In recent years there has occurred a mind boggling phenomenon leaving political pundits and parties utterly devastated or some utterly pleased .

There has been a marked change on how india has been delivering it's political mandate and this change has creeped in slowly but steadily. Lok Sabha Elections of 2014 , Following elections in Haryana,Maharashtra and other states depict a clear message from the indian mob. The mandate has strictly cut across caste lines , voters have been polarised giving preference to party over candidates.

Several factors account for the shift in the pattern .Educations levels are strictly rising up , Media has made it's inlays into the remotest of regions , Rights activists and NGOs have also played a part in joining the people into mainstream politics of country. India boasts of a 60% of youth population . The Indian youth participates actively on social forums discussing governance , politics and development . It's these votes which helped BJP rise to it's zenith in lok sabha elections.

The political awareness of country has beyond doubt increased . People have voted for a change and have voted decisively . Long gone are the days of coalition where ruling for 5 years took precedence over delievering good governence . India now asks for accountability and transparency as the historical mandate of AAP proved. The lament of money and muscle power might be left behind as India ushers into a political Renaissance .

Ashish Tiwari

Adversities motivate me. I love taking new challenges and meeting new people. I have a great passion for food, novels and debates. The desire to make this world a better place fuels my passion. My aspiration is to become a civil servant.