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Blame Game-On

26/11-the day that still brings shivers to everyone’s  mind. Even after 6 long years, the memories of that night are crystal clear. Roads soaked with blood, people screaming for help, children wailing due to fear, chaos and helplessness was spread all over Mumbai, for the city and for that matter the country has never seen a more brutal act before.

Lives of many turned upside down that night forever. The only little relief was felt was when Kasab was arrested and the master mind of this act , Zakir ur Rehman Lakhvi was put behind the bars. The one who destroyed millions of lives, curbed numerous dreams and made the whole country numb by this horrendous act.

For sure the family members of the victims will never forgive him in their wildest dream but the Pakistan’s government has a “softer heart” than them. The day Pak government ordered to release him under the Maintenance of Public Order, the blame game started.

Opposition has started claiming it as the failure of Narendra Modi’s government.  According to Congress leader Manish Tewari the government waxed eloquent about coercive diplomacy throughout election campaign last year. The moment they came into government, they took a U-turn.

This accusation game spread like forest fire all over the globe. Voicing concern over the release of Lakhvi, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has declared this act as “unfortunate” and “disappointing” for the development of good relations with Pakistan.

Special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam considers it as failure of Pakistani investigating and prosecution agencies. The evidence in respect to the overt acts committed by Lakhvi have been handed over to the Pak government, which is in pursuance of criminal conspiracy. It is the exposure of Pakistan’s dual behavior on terrorism. 

No matter which country holds whom responsible, which party proves itself correct, which leader justifies his blame; the vicious has become victorious this time.

Zakirur Rehman is no longer behind the bars. While the saviors are busy pointing finger at others, the Satan is once again free. Free to spread terror, to repeat history and to massacre humanity.

Politicians would still be busy blaming one another while he would give them another reason to do so. The only question which is probing everyone’s mind is how secure are we in a world where a man going out with his family for dinner gets killed and the butchers roam around chivalrously?

Nishita Singh

I have studied in as many as 10 schools, have friends in almost every corner of the country. Well yes! being a fauji brat is the best thing that has happened to me till date. By default a patriot lives in me. Being carefree, cheerful and chirpy is my style. I’m a highly optimistic person. I am an avid reader. Also, I love to visit new places and try its local delicacies. Writing is for me, one’s reflection to the world and the world’s to them. It’s the best way of expressing and understanding.