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From Silly to Stupid: The Perks of Iran-US Nuclear Deal

The outlines of a nuclear deal with Iran are in place. Unfortunately, it seems as though too many people in President Barak Obama's administration have forgotten that the reason Iran came to the negotiation table in the first place was because of the harsh sanctions imposed on them by the United States.

Indeed President Obama is giving too much leverage to the terrorist-supporting state.

According to the latest layout, the strictest restrictions imposed on the nuclear enrichment plan of Iran will run out just after 10 years, allowing them to get back to "nuclear research" in any way they deem fit. Also billions of previously sanctioned dollars will be handed over to them to go forward with their nuclear research, filling the pockets of the biggest terrorist sponsor in the world, with strongholds in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon. This looks like a real win-win situation for the country.

President Obama once had a tougher line, when in 2012 he said: "The deal we'll accept is they end their nuclear program. It's very straightforward." But the framework announced last week does nothing of the sort. Negotiated between Iran and the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany, the framework concedes that Iran can maintain "a mutually defined enrichment program," operate thousands of centrifuges, and continue its research and development of nuclear technologies.

The major concern this deal brings up, though, is that it lacks tough safeguards to prevent Iran from cheating. With a history of trying to deceive the west of its nuclear ambitions, this deal fuels a major threat of Iran doing something similar to what they did back in 2004. The '04 program was shut down when the western intelligence agencies came to know of Iran's hidden nuclear centrifuge; we might not get a second time lucky.

What happened to Bill Clinton's deal with North Korea is a clear sign of how bad things can get if everything is not chalked out properly in a deal; and if North part of the Korean peninsula can swindle the west like it did, folks, this is Iran we are talking about.


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