Revolution through Evolution

The Venom Of Pseudo-secularism

“WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC…….”

The severity of this declaration in the preamble often compels one to gravely ponder over the significance of the aforementioned five pillars of our democracy. While the idea of a truly sovereign and socialist India has been achieved to a substantive degree, figuratively if not literally, yet the astonishing complacency observed by our politicians and self-declared secularists on this vital third pillar called secularism, has been deplorable.

It is enraging; the loathsome attempts of the so-called ‘secular brigade’ in the country when they patronize the minority community, in order to augment their own vote bank. It is revolting; the fanatical torch bearers of Hindu culture trying to impose the primitive, medieval traditions in 21st century India, amidst the effulgence of a new era of modernisation and scientific temperament. It is hypocritical; the conceited architects of our constitution entailing the urgency of the Hindu Code Bills, while choosing to remain oblivious to the importance of an equally crucial bill for the Muslims, thus slaying the enactment of an Uniform Civil Code, on grounds that the minority community “ was not yet prepared”. It is appalling; the disgraceful efforts to organise unconstitutional events such as the “ghar wapsi” — luring the desperate into changing their beliefs on promises of a prosperous life ahead — and even more disgraceful is the ‘secular brigade’ that has shrewdly shut its eyes towards the forced conversions by Christian Missionaries and Islamic Fundamentalists. 

The adjectives would fall short in number, but the instances won’t. The list goes on incessantly, unceasingly. 

The most judicious solution to this perilous problem is the complete detachment of state from religion. Unless the political establishment ceases to use religion as the ultimate weapon in their arsenal, the secularization of this country cannot possibly happen. Why establish parties representing a certain sect and cater to them specifically, the question then arises? 

The practice of sectarian politics under the bogus of secularism has led to the marginalisation of minorities in the country. And then there is the supremely liberal media that has its adulation of minorities as well, enhancing the already widespread policy of appeasement prevalent in the polity; a ground where they appear to be on the same page as the politicians whom they counter so vehemently.

It must be thoroughly realised by those ludicrous advocates of a“Hindu Rashtra”, that India is the homeland of the Muslims too, as much as it is of Hindus, and they aren’t going anywhere. Besides, the wretched detractors of the splendid cultural heritage of India, and those who find it amusing to take the Hindus for granted, should quickly realise that India will not give into any forms of bias or favouritism, while it calls itself truly secular.

The stigma of pseudo-secularism needs to end or a massive social uprising is inevitable, unfortunately, for India.

Aniket Shandilya

Indian. A lover of science, literature and sports. I have a profound interest in the remarkable diversity of our nation which never fails to intrigue me. An idealist by nature, I pride myself at my disposition to live a fair life, and hopefully an illustrious one.