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Modi To Solve Ganga Hydel Row

Originating from the Gangotri glacier at Gaumukh in the Indian  Himalyans, the river Ganga is considered as the holiest river of the country. Though equally polluted, it is of immense significance for all the Indian.

With the proposal of construction of hydro power plant over it, it has once again become a topic of heated conversation for all the ministries. The idea was proposed by the Power Ministry, which has become controversial since its first day. It is being strongly opposed by the Environment Ministry.

In support with the Water Resource Ministry, the Environment Ministry has cited adverse ecological impact to express its disfavor for the proposal while the Power Ministry says that the venture was important in order to cater the need of power supply to the country.

Environment Ministry along with Uma Bharti- headed water resources ministry agreed that the project would be hazardous in the long run. Supporting its idea, the Power Ministry has proposed to execute the plan with stringent environmental norms, in order to minimize its impact.

The wrangle between the two ministries is going haywire. So, the decision has been left on the PM to solve. Now, it will be quite interesting to see in favor of which Ministry Modi will give his decision. For he took vow to conserve the holy river and provide electricity to 1.2 billion Indians.

Nishita Singh

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