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Technology, Business and Politics Come Together for Make In India Campaign

Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has launched a totally indigenous software, Kalculate Business Desktop, that will assist business users to do their Accounting-Inventory-Sales-Purchase in an affordable way.

Gadkari mooted for information technology and bio-technology for India’s future and said Narendra Modi’s government’s Make In India initiative, along with Made in India, would make the country “number one” in the world. He stressed the need to reduce reliance on imports and encourage exports and convert knowledge into wealth.

Talking about the software, KBD is built on the Linux platform in accordance with the government’s new open source policy. As it is integrated with the Openlx Linux operating system, the user gets an office suite, operating system, graphics and multimedia applications, and an Internet suite of applications.

Additionally, the software allows business users to get the advantages of a pocket-friendly, secure, virus-free environment with a user-friendly GUI by merging Openlx Linux with Kalculate business accounting software.

KBD is aimed at companies that are left with no choice but to use pirated software as they cannot afford the high cost of proprietary software. By using KBD, the total cost of business software for a firm will drop to Rs. 10,000.

Prime Minister Modi has often emphasized the importance of Digital India drive, e-governance and other technological innovations for the development of the country. While Digital India initiative aims to make government services available to Indian citizens electronically, e-governance ensures that the services reach citizens through the electronic media.

It is the concept of ‘Make in India’ that is driving initiatives like Openlx, which  has been launched with the aim of helping small and medium sized enterprises and Small Offices & Home Offices in India.

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