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MAKO PROGRAM -Beyond Artificial Intelligence

In the famous series Iron Man, the lead Tony Stark has been shown as the creator of J.A.R.V.I.S., an artificial intelligence capable of performing tasks beyond any machine to his wish. Its voice operated, so all Tony has to do is to tell it what to. Now imagine if YOU had such a software. It could open websites, search for videos online, inform you about the weather or any upcoming meetings, all at a mere vocal command. I’m sure it won’t be able to summon an Iron Man suit for you, but can still do way more and to your convenience.

Such a software has been developed, called ‘MAKO’. MAKO is a multifunctional speech recognition program capable of opening programs, typing anything you desire, writing reports on anything and lots more. It employs advanced user interface and voice input, it manages almost everything in your life, especially technological matters. So what’s special about it? For starters, it’s a very elegant blend of Artificial Intelligence and Voice Recognition System. Even Siri and Google voice are capable of telling the weather at your request, but MAKO is a lot bigger than that. It’s one of the most refined and detailed software for PCs with quite advanced options.

Michael Ghandour, creator and CEO of MAKO Program, lives in California. An avid video game player, he even made a video game of his own around the age of 14, and bought his first car from the money he made from the game. Michael then wanted to do something bigger, something out of this world. That’s where J.A.R.V.I.S. comes in – his inspiration to create MAKO program. Currently at 19 years of age, Michael has already become successful and there is still no stopping him. He is just an ordinary person just like everyone, but his vision and will to achieve it made him stand out.

Like I mentioned earlier, MAKO is not just voice recognition but Artificial Intelligence as well. So MAKO is always aware when you are speaking directly to him and is trying to learn more about you to further his knowledge. MAKO has a research database, in which it can gather information on any subject and gather 3-pictures. It even has the functionality of being Self-Aware! Interacting with MAKO will be quite like that with a human. You ask for a query, it answers. You say thank you, it says you’re welcome, sir. One noteworthy feature of Artificial Intelligence is that it grows with experience. So overtime MAKO would make an excellent assistance, understanding you even better. Michael also mentions its response time is quite less; hence you can do things faster, as is the need of this busy world. He also intends to increase the accuracy of MAKO from the present 91% to about 99%, the highest that can be attained.

In the video Michael gives a small demonstration of MAKO. Just at your command it can open your social networking sites, make a powerpoint presentation, search online content, and even read out text you just highlighted on your computer! MAKO is available for free trial, as well as premium and lifetime packs, in five different languages (and counting its way to 30). It’s open to donation for developing the software further. He really feels MAKO is the thing of the future and it can revolutionise the way we interact with technology completely!

P. S. For those of you wondering if MAKO is the abbreviation for a cool elongated description, well sorry to disappoint you. Michael’s mother came up with the name ‘MAKO’ which he really liked since it’s short and simple. The logo, that of a shark fin, came into existence since they had been watching the Discovery Channel a lot that week and it seemed like a good idea. Thank God it wasn’t Llama week at Discovery!

Saksham Garg

I love to read and explore new ideas. I take pleasure in expressing my views on such topics and sharing it, thus learning from my mistakes and improving. I have a very positive attitude towards life which also explains my love for humour. I hope to grow and learn as much as I can in life.