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Samsung’s Challenger to Google’s Android OS: Tizen

The new year has just begun and there is some mind blowing news already coming from the tech industry, courtesy the recently concluded CES 2015. The largest smartphone maker in the world, Samsung, has made significant progress as far as the Tizen OS is concerned. Samsung launched the Tizen-based TVs at the Las Vegas Tech Show, and now a Tizen smartphone has been launched in the Indian market. 

This is a major step towards building a powerful alternative to Google’s dominant Android platform. You ask, how so? To begin with, Tizen is an open source platform which means hardware manufacturers can customize the Interface as per the common requirements.

Moreover, Tizen is based on HTML5, and its apps have been written with HTML5. This helps the users get a smoother experience on smartphones and makes apps less expensive because of shorter cycles for developments.

Apps have always played a lead role in the success of any OS. A Tizen app challenge took place in 2013 when Samsung awarded US$ 4 million to get 64 winners who made some native Tizen apps as well as HTML5 apps.

The best part is, videos can be embedded without any extra plugins which saves the user the ordeals of getting a Java or Object C plugins. 

The Tizen project is governed by a Technical Steering Group, based within the Linux Foundation. Tizen is going to be an important part of Samsung’s Internet of Things strategy, which will connect devices and appliances, making our lives smarter. 

The launch of the Tizen Z1 smartphone, based on the Tizen OS, is a clear signal that Samsung is geared up to compete with Google in the mobile software segment now.

Sakshi Wagh

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