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Zotero: A Friendly for the Scholarly

Pose this question to any research student, “What is the most boring task while preparing a case study or a project report?” Most of the times, the answer will be reference management or listing the bibliography. Managing references and sources while writing research papers requires a lot of precision. 

References need to be handled in different formats for different journals, conferences, etc. Though mostly used by research scholars, reference managers can be used by anyone preparing a project report, school or college assignment, or even a book. 

The question to put up: Why Zotero? Firstly and most importantly, cost plays a role in selecting a reference manager. Some provide mostly useless features for free and premium features need to be paid for. If you opt for a free product like 

Zotero, the cost factor becomes zero. Smartphones have become a great productivity tool. If you want to work with reference managers anywhere, smart phone support comes in the picture. Some like Qiqqa provide Android version. For Zotero, apps like Zandy are available in Google Play store.

Your report will be created using some word processor like ones provided by MS Office, Libre Office, etc. Zotero supports a lot of word processors like MS Word, Libre Office, Open Office, Google Docs, etc. 

Zotero is one of the leading reference managers. It has many positive points in its favor like being open-source, offering smartphone support, being cross-platform etc. It was initially released in 2006 George Mason University, Virginia, USA. It is popularly called a personal research assistant by its users.

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