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VLC Re-launched for iOS and released for Android TV

VLC is rightly considered the best and the most versatile video player. IT is renowned for its ability to handle almost all kinds of file formats and to support all media files. Recently, its maker VideoLAN has made an announcement to improve its assortments.

The crux of it is that VLC will be returning to iPhone & iPad having been in hibernation since the launch of iOS 8. The android version is now finally out of beta as VideoLAN also adds a support for Android TV.  In addition to the above features there are also new versions for Windows Phone & Windows RT.

Despite facing some stiff competitions in the app market, the VLC continues to be “THE PEOPLE’S CHAMP”. Jean-Baptiste kempf , the president of VLC dev VideoLAN says that “Moving VLC to the mobile world was difficult , but the difficult is done. VLC runs everywhere plays everything.” He also adds “there’ll be additional work coming from them later this year. That’ll include the release of VLC 3.0 which will bring support for Chromecast.”  If VideoLAN will make some more updates and modifications in the app then it would led them to reach an unprecedented level of stability and innovation.

Rishabh Jain

Coding is what exhilarates my mind & writing rejuvenates my soul. I am an upbeat person, who silently and keenly observes the new gadgets & applications around the globe