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Replicant Liberated Android

Android has been a grand success in the smartphone business. The reason is simple, Android is free and available to public. But have you ever wondered how much Android respects your freedom? To answer exactly that, let us explore Replicant.

The main problem with a closed-source program is that you cannot feel safe with it. Since Android poses a lot of problems due to the closed nature of its source code, some people from the Open Source community FOSS thought of creating a mobile OS which doesn’t rely on closed services. That’s how Replicant was born. The project began in 2010 named after the fictional Replicant androids in the movie ‘Blade-Runner’. In the beginning, codes were written for HTC Dream. Link to a video on the same has been provided at the end of this article. 

Replicant is all about freedom. The source code of Replicant is open to everyone. The biggest challenge for the Replicant team is to write hardware drivers that can support various devices. That’s why there are some devices running on Replicant that still don’t have 3D graphics, camera access, etc.

One reason for Android to be a giant success is that apps are readily available on Google Play store but again some apps come with huge license agreements and the source code is not available to you which poses a threat to your cyber security. For Replicant, you can use F-Droid, which has only free and open software.

If you are an Android user but want Open Source on your device, F-Droid is available to you. You have to allow your device to install apps from sources other than Google Play. If your device doesn’t support Replicant, you can use Cynogenmod instead.

Using Replicant doesn’t grant your device complete protection, but it can make your device less vulnerable to threats. 

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