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Research Anywhere, Anytime with Mendeley

If Zotero didn’t quite work out for you just like you needed it to, fret not. Drawing on the same lines, we bring to you its better half, Mendeley. 

Technically, Mendeley is a desktop and web program for managing and sharing research papers, discovering research data and collaborating online. Founded by German students, the company attracts investors from Skype, Warner Music Group as well as Last.fm. Available on Windows, Linux, and Android, it combines both Mendeley Desktop and Mendeley Web.Coming to the question that always remains : Why should we go for Mendeley ?

One, for Mendeley will bring all your research in one place. Securely stored and accessible across devices, you can search and sort your references, documents and notes in one place- right down to the keyword you are looking for.

Next, you can read and annotate on the go.  Mendeley can be used online or offline to access your PDFs on the move. You can also highlight, annotate and add sticky notes to capture your thoughts in the context.In just a few clicks, you can easily generate your citations and bibliography in the style of your choice.

Another plus would be that this software enables you to publicly or privately share your reading lists, references and full-text articles. Any student would love to team up with a fellow student and make their research work easier, considering the web of assignments and tutorials and what-nots of academia they are surrounded with. That’s again where Mendeley comes in, letting you create groups to tackle assignments, share feedback and write papers with your collaborators.Over 3 million students, ranging from undergraduates to professionals use Mendeley. It is your one-stop solution to just about all research problems.

You can download Mendeley for iPad, iPhone, Windows or Android from their website Mendeley after you sign up for free.

Mendeley Desktop: a PDF and reference management application

Mendeley Web: an online social network for researchers

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