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Debian Jessie The Newest Free OS

Getting a Debian Linux release out the door is never easy, but the latest and greatest. Debian 8, codenamed Jessie is out now.Debian is a free operating system, developed by thousands of volunteers from all over the world who collaborate via the Internet. After almost 2 years of constant development, the Debian project has presented its new stable version 8, Jessie. 

It supports far more hardware platforms than most Linuxes. Whether you’re running an IBM system Z mainframe, ARM, PowerPC or MIPS, Debian has a version for you. It comes with greatly improved Unified Extensible Firmware Interface support. This means that it will be easier than ever to install Debian on Windows 8.x PCs with secure boot. 

Unlike other Linux distributions, Debian does not have a default desktop. It rather supports pretty much every desktop environment and window manager known to man. If you are a hard-core coder and want to dig deep into new programs, or the source code, Debian makes it pretty simple by providing a browse able view of all Debian-related source code. There’s also a Debian Code Search, a source-code search engine. 

I would dare to say that Debian is not a distribution for new comers. If you’re new to Linux, you should first check out Ubuntu or Mint. Both are based on Debian, but come with a lot more hand-holding. If you want to only try Debian 8 Jessie without installing it, you can use a live image, available for CDs, USB sticks, and net boot set-ups and then you can use these live images to install Debian. This can be done through the Debian Live Home Page.

For power users, or businesses that want a very stable operating system and have the in-house expertise to manage Debian, Jessie is well worth your time. 

Sakshi Wagh

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