Revolution through Evolution


Many companies find success in one go! Some make billions some don’t. And that is how it goes. Zenefits is one of those companies which lies in the latter category. But failure is not the opposite of success, it is infact its part!

 Co-founded by Peter Conrad, its current CEO, Zenefits is a San Francisco based company that offers cloud-based software as a service to companies for managing their human resources. Zenefits is one of the fastest growing startups EVER.

Launched in May 2013, within 8 months, by the beginning of 2014 they were at $1 million run-rate revenue. By the end of 2014, the figure was $20 million and the target is $100 million for this year. Yes! This is how it has been growing, and that is why Peter Conrad is a golden boy now.

Zenefits is on fire because it offers easy-to-use free cloud service for human resources. The service is free, and Zenefits makes its money from providing benefits, companies can use it to purchase health insurance. It  started becoming so hot that in December 2014, David Sacks, co-founder of Yammer (another startup) which was sold to Microsoft for $1.2 billion became an investor, and an employee signing on to become the COO of Zenefits. After bringing on David Sacks as the COO, Zenefits has overseen growth with the launch of two new tools- Zenefits for managers and Zenefits business intelligence.

Prior to Zenefits, Conrad, co-founded two startups, SigFig and Wikinvest, both online stock research tools to help investors research stock prior to investing. Peter Conrad wasn’t a golden boy since the day he was born.Infact, he had a topsy-turvy life throughout before he landed and founded Zenefits.  As every other successful person, he too started from zero to make billions. Continuous encouragement and desire to do something made him “Golden boy of the silicon valley” as they call him today. Though he co-founded two more startups before this but if it hadn’t been Zenefits, with his continuous hard work, desire and passion, maybe he hadn’t been the Peter Conrad  that he is today!

Himanshi Gupta

Coding in my brain, colors in my vein.Still, my heart goes to all the creative things in the world. From sketching, drawing to painting canvases, I love anything and everything related to illustration. All i need is a paper and pencil and i'm good to go. If everything works as per plan, I wish to travel the world while expressing my art.