Revolution through Evolution


If being an entrepreneur is hard, then being a young entrepreneur is even harder. When all the tadpoles of his age were hunting in jungle gyms or engrossed in hitting the books, there was this 15 year old lad, Farrhad, formulating the strategies of his companies.

Farrhad Acidwalla is a 21 year old Indian Entrepreneur and TEDx speaker. With $10 from his parents,Farrhad bought a domain name for himself in eighth grade. He started hoking up a clan dedicated to aviation. His idea paid off and the website was a huge hit. Then emerged Rockstah Media in 2009 - a company committed to providing cutting edge solutions to web development and brand development, both online and offline. Within a few months, Rockstah has started to take the online world by storm and won accolades from his clients.

After passing out propitiously from Bombay Scottish School, Mahim, he has adhered to dole out seminars at various events and has been invited by colleges to vocalise on Entrepreneurship and his savoir-faire of piloting a business. Even though he is an undergraduate, Farrhad has appraised MBA students.

In 2011, CNN Money highlighted Farrhad as a young entrepreneur to lay eyes on, India TV indexed him as one of the "Youngest Indian Entrepreneur of 2012". In March 2014, The Telegraph featured Farrhad second on the list of "25 internet stories aged 25 and under".

This half-pint has proved that you don't need a degree to launch your own company. He is a classic entrepreneur with that je ne sais quoi that means he is not only bursting creativity and passion but he locks up the ambition and drives to make his chimera a reality - no matter what.

Sadhvi Verma

An adventurous person and a dancer by heart. Penning down has never been my passion but a way to put forward what inheres in my mind. Exploring places is where I never get jaded. I am quite a chatter box and so i don't find qualms in talking for long hours.