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Mosh: The Blue-Sky Thinker!

Textbook hoader-Photographer-Traveller-Fashionista-Blogger, Shalini is an affable social butterfly.

Born in Cuttack, Odisha, Shalini has grown up moving places! She did her High School  from Singapore on an academic scholarship; Bachelors from Raffles International College, Hong Kong and Raffles Design International, Mumbai and currently pursuing her Masters in Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising, Milan on a scholarship awarded by Vogue Italia Talents.

In conversation with Mosh, the MbyMosh blogger, let us discover more about this omniscient soul! 

What’s the story behind M by Mosh ? 

Mosh is a mash up of my name, Mohanty Shalini. It started with a college project during my Bachelors and from there on I find a strong connection with the name. M used to be Metamorphoshiz (a play on the word metamorphosis, as I was heavily into DIY back then). 

How do you envision the future of your blog?

I had changed Metamorphoshiz to M because it was a mouthful to be honest. I intend to (hopefully) one day turn it into a brand. And M will be that brand. M encapsulates everything that I do as a blogger, stylist, graphic designer, etc. M means the world to me. 

When did you discover this inclination (towards fashion)? Was it everything that you had ever dreamt since childhood?

Yes, fashion is pretty much a childhood affliction. The back of my exam question papers were filled with doodles of beautiful dresses with sweetheart necklines. But consciously and actively I was preparing for medical school. It was actually my dad who suggested after my 12th grade that I give up on the “nonsensical chase” after medical schools and pursue fashion indeed. And since then, I have never looked back.

How did this idea of starting an online blog stem up?

It was actually the suggestion of a few of my friends. I used to DIY a lot and post pictures of my activities (including the ones with disastrous results) on Facebook and I realised a lot of my friends were actively following that segment and even giving really good feedbacks. That’s when I thought blogging would be a great idea since my ideas would be open for viewing/trying for a lot more people than just the ones on my friend list. And, this happened to be my first blog post which I wrote back in 2014 January. 

How supportive and helpful have your parents been?

Hahaha. My father = chill. My mother loves it. She is a creative soul just like me, so she enjoys my creative endeavours as well. On a side note, the way my parents support my natural talents has really helped me nurture my confidence levels. It’s something all parents should take a note of. I’m so glad that I was born to two most understanding and supportive parents.

Tell us something about your team?

My team has got to be the best ever. And I’m being completely unbiased here. Seriously. My team includes (rather included, since I moved to a new country) 4 models and myself. I style them, do hair and make-up when necessary, click them, do the post production of the images, add content and POST it up! The models are charming, popular, and effortless at what they do. They make great muses for my DIYs. 

How difficult was it to find such convincingly-promising people to contribute and work with you?

Not very difficult. All my models are outgoing girls with a vibrant attitude to life, and that shows very well every time I work with them. In the beginning (even when some of them didn’t have much/any experience), they still said yes to this because they were so open to trying something new. Like modelling for a blogger. I’m so glad they all said YES! 

Tell us something about your writing experience in other places

As for writing in other places, for a period of time, I was a writer for the fashion section of IIM Indore’s student magazine, dishing out “fashion gyaan” on a regular basis.

We even saw a book review on the site. How does that relate to a fashion blog?

I have started expanding on the topics I cover on my blog, and one of them happens to be Book reviewing. The tagline is “DIY. Fashion. Prattle.” I love reading books, and I actively promote the idea of reading. It makes us thinkers, you know? People with a great imagination! 

Your association as a model has been pretty evident. So, any modelling plans down the line?

I’m genuinely not so sure. I know I love modelling because I know I’m able to convey the essence of the character I play, the product/fashion style I carry, etc. but I can’t do generic modelling. But if something interesting turns up, I’m definitely up for it.

You stay abroad. What difference do you find staying and working there as compared to when you were here?     

There’s more inspiration here because I’m surrounded by people who are just as ambitious, enthusiastic and creative as I am. It’s a good environment for me to grow and develop not just as a great professional but even expand my skill set. In India, I met all kinds of people: the ambitious and the non-ambitious. So even my work wasn’t consistently that great. I guess you can say my creativity is directly related to the kind of people I surround myself with.

What difficulties did you face during your rookie days for mbymosh?

Oh. That would be seeing EVERY DAY how little the blog traffic was. It was disheartening. Because I knew my content was really good, but the Internet doesn’t decide to show your blog on top search results because of quality. Hence, I knew I had to persevere and keep doing what I love and believing in it.

How has Mosh grown in this journey?

Mosh has certainly evolved. I’ve been told recently by a very close friend that I don’t have that childish aura I used to have a year ago (around the time I actively started blogging). The person I was in 2014 and the person I am in 2015 are very different: same principles, but a more dynamic, more confident, more daring personality.  I’ve been moulded into a person who can face everything and anything, because I know my goal. And that is all I need to know. 

You’ve been one conspicuous epitome of hard-work. How do you manage work and other things with equal elan?

You’re too kind and generous to say that, really. I do work hard, but not relentlessly (unless required). I work smart. I have a friend who once told me

“It’s not how many problems you solve in your life, but the ones you take on.”

I sort of twisted it a little bit and apply it to my work: it doesn’t matter with the quantity of effort you put in, but the quality of effort you put in. But of course, when the time comes for an uphill battle, I’ll give it my all. 

What would be your message to the viewers and advice for the hidden talents like you? 

Only that: don’t stay hidden. And to do that, embrace yourself completely (strengths and weaknesses) and be comfortable in your own skin. Have unsurmountable amount of belief and faith in yourself and your abilities. That will give rise to a tremendous amount of confidence; the kind of confidence that no one can compete with.  



Ishani Mishra

I am a trained vocalist and an Odissi dancer. Albeit I am no preacher of the Indian Classical Art and Culture but I find a divine and spiritual connection which inclines me towards it. Other than this, I am a writer by passion.I hence like to move into reveries and ponder about issues and gather all the musings with my pen. I have a varied taste of writing and thus wish to try my hands on any and every aspect possible. And, my future aspiration is to become a civil servant.