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The Man on the Dais: Dikshant Malik

It is fast becoming the age of young leaders and entrepreneurs and the country will keep needing more. In this scenario, Dikshant Malik, along with his friend and co-founder of The Dais, Keshav Gupta, two of the most dynamic personalities, has taken up this initiative to reach out to kids in all corners of the country, and help them become leaders of tomorrow. This, they plan to do, through their education management company The Dais, which aims to improve public speaking skills and develop individual personalities. 

The Dais organizes Model United Nations (MUN) Conferences, Youth Parliaments, and Bal Panchayats that take debates to a completely different level. It has launched its social outreach programme wherein the Dais travels to 22 cities in the country and spreads awareness about such conferences. Recently, The Dais has also cracked a deal with Jindal University and will work with them as their knowledge partners. 

In conversation with the man himself, below lie a few excerpts from Dikshant’s interview:

How did the MUN journey start?

I participated in my first MUN when I was in class 9, which was back in 2007. My teachers had forced me to participate in it as I was good in Hindi and this MUN was being conducted in Hindi. Surprisingly, I won the award for best delegate and that is how my first MUN was.

You have been a part of more than 90 MUNs. How did you manage your time between Engineering and MUNs then?

Engineering and MUNs are two totally different paths. This educational degree was just a basic necessity for me, but the first year of my college has been that pivotal year where I started doing MUNs after taking a break during my school, and then I never looked back.

How did you meet Keshav (the co-founder of The Dais)?

I first met Keshav at the MUN conference held in IIT Delhi. Later when I organized an MUN in my college, I called up Keshav, we met at my place and that is how our friendship started and we have been great friends since then. 

How did The Dais come into existence? 

This was the peak time, I was placed and had to join the company in West Bengal and Keshav had a year left to complete his graduation. At this point, we both had decided that MUN conferences had become an integral part of our lives and it had become a now-or-never situation. This is where we thought that let us start something new where we can do what we love the most. We left what we were doing and that is how The Dais came up. We were only two people who started out, and now we are a lofty team of 50 people. It’s been great working with Shaurya, Geetanjali, Ravish, Krish, Alpna, Aditya, Gunika, Utsav and Harsh and all the others at The Dais and we take pride in working together towards our goal. 

What was the motivation behind your start-up?

When I used to go to every corner of India for MUNs, I realized the kids were really bright but were unable to convey their ideas. I felt that someone should take a stand and that someone turned out to be me. We have done MUNs in Bhagalpur in Bihar for free. It has never been about money. It is about the satisfaction we get after distributing knowledge to the kids.

Why the name The Dais for your company?

Naming our start-up was alone a very tough job. The first name that we thought of, was KD Educational Consultants where K and D stand for Keshav and Dikshant respectively but, later we obviously dropped it because it was weird. And then we instantly connected with the “Dais” as it holds relevance with our goal of providing a platform to aspiring individuals. 

Did you face any difficulty, when explaining about the concept of MUNs in schools and colleges?

As far as schools in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Gurgaon are concerned, they know about MUNs. It was not that hard to explain the concept of MUNs here so we get full-fledged support financially and otherwise. But if we move into the deep state of our country, people don’t know about MUNs, so educational institutes in these areas are not willing to promote such activities and circumstances have not been compliant in this case.

According to you, what kind of impact are you creating on our education system today?

I don't think that I can comment on the kind of impact that I am creating but I am happy that out of all the kids that I am mentoring, even if a few of them can be comfortable with speaking in public and can realize its importance, it is a success.

Which was your best MUN experience so far?

All of them were great. The last MUN we conducted was in Ludhiana which was good. Before that we conducted an MUN in Jaipur and then in Delhi. All of these MUNs have been great experiences and we improved with every conference we did. 

What was your pat-on-the-back moment at The Dais?

The feeling that I get when a kid texts me and tells me that he was awarded at an MUN conference, I feel so happy that I start believing in myself more and I know that the reasons that made me take this journey are completely valid. 

What is your vision of The Dais? 

As of now, I want The Dais to reach every corner of the country. Corners, where people are not taking an effort to reach. We plan to start Quizzes and more extracurricular activities and take these to the interiors of our country. 

A very inspiring man, he has been the coolest co-founder , with a simple yet high thinking. Such individuals in our country’s youth are much needed and can push our nation’s education system to a whole new level. 

You can know more about The Dais through their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/reachusatdais


Check out their website: www.thedais.in

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