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From the ancient times of Gurukul to the decade-old SmartClassroom, the education system has been revolutionized, and now the digital era brings about alluring prospects of learning in the present times and in the coming future. Gone are the days where students have to hole up in a room, sit for hours and hours, and cram away into the midnight, and call that studying.

GradeStack, one of the fastest growing mobile-learning destinations, comes along to upgrade your learning skills and lets you prepare on the move with their wide array of learning methods.

One of the co-founders and an alumnus of NSIT, Delhi, Mr. Vibhu Bhushan indulges us in a conversation about Gradestack, which follows.

How did you come up with GradeStack?

GradeStack is a collaborated effort by Sanjeev, Shobhit and I. We met at T-Labs where we were incubated. I was working in digital education domain and Shobhit was working on a different product. He brought in his own set of ideas along with a lot of expertise, and we started building GradeStack. The two of us set out first, and now we are a group of 22.

Why the name GradeStack?

We wanted a name related to grades, as our main focus is on helping students improve their grades. Stack simply signifies upscaling. But we have come to know that people get confused with ‘Stack’, so we are rebranding GradeStack to Gradeup, which is more in sync with what we aim to provide to our education system.

Tell us about your experience at T-Labs?

Ours was the third batch of TLabs, and that ended in mid-2013.T-Labs is a great programme which helps entrepreneurs to setup and scale their business. You get mentors who guide you along the way. Most importantly they tell you about pitfalls and save you lot of time and money.

Coming to the development stage, how have you worked the tech end of GradeStack?

We have used various technological aspects as per the requirements. NodeJS, Cassandra, Elastic Search, Java and Python constitute most of the technology our platform is based on.

What, according to you, were the starting lines of GradeStack in online education market?

We started GradeStack in early 2013. We partner with content owners that own high quality content. They can be publishers, coaching institutes or authors. Banking Exam Prep was the first course that we had offered and more than 5000 people had purchased it. Online Education market is still in its nascent stage. But we expect it to grow very fast. With the kind of reach that mobile phones have, it has got enormous potential.

How do you plan to expand your domain?

We have recently increased the range of services that we provide. We are trying to make a community of people having the same goal like clearing a particular exam or learning a specific skill. It enables us to create a user’s social profile which will help them to learn a lot from the community and also give an opportunity to contribute back to it. We will also include premium content like video lectures, test series and more in our methods of imparting education.

Being the co-founder of GradeStack, a heap of responsibilities befall upon you. Would you like to comment?

As a co-founder you have a lot of responsibilities. You have to be at par with the expectations of so many people, not just your team but also your family and friends. But it is a lot of fun to be a co-founder, I totally enjoy it. GradeStack has always been like a family. Work culture here is entirely informal and is more like working for somebody we care about.

How can GradeStack influence our education system today?

Education system has been the same for more than last 5 decades. Information flow can change the way students study. It will make personalized content readily available on mobile devices, enabling students to learn more in less time. We have reached to more than 2.5 Million mobile users. This is huge and is growing at a very rapid pace. We believe that we will be one of the frontrunners in mobile learning space.

Do you have a moment where you chin up and proudly affirm that you are actually doing a great job?

We have got responses from many users saying that they have cleared their CAT exam, Banking exam or other exams because of GradeStack app. It gives me immense satisfaction to know that our product is really changing the lives of common people.

What is your vision for GradeStack?

GradeStack aims to be a de-facto place for learners to stay updated about exam information. It will help students to get their queries resolved and provide them with services that will help them achieve their educational goals. People are now willing to pay for high quality digital content. We expect GradeStack to grow a lot faster in next couple of years.

Through more efforts towards digital and online education, study will become more flexible and cost effective as you can tap on your phone anytime and anywhere and can seek for what you want without taking help from anyone.  We do not have to depend entirely on the traditional system and most importantly do not have to wait for a particular day and time. This novel approach by GradeStack has really made things easier as never before.

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