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Street Shopping Now at Your Beck and Click : GlitStreet

Tired of walking down the streets of Hauz Khas, Khan Market, and what nots at Delhi to get that perfect look for your friend’s wedding? Fret not because Glitstreet brings to you all the glamour and fashion from all the nooks and corners of every shopping destination, right onto your desktop.

Glitstreet is an e-commerce website which brings in the remote markets that are not available easily online and let you browse through their categorical menu of designers and boutiques in Delhi.

The website is a startup by former IITians and Bits Pilani graduates who have left their jobs to pursue this new adventure down the fashion lane.

In conversation with one of the co-founders, below lie a few excerpts from the interview :

How did the idea of GlitStreet come up and where did you start?

The idea first came up when one of our co-founders was looking to buy an ethnic outfit for a wedding, and realized there was no credible place to discover what local designers and boutique stores are there, and how to buy from them. So we started discussing on how to bring on board local boutique stores and designers online. After a bit of research we decided to take the plunge, quit our jobs and get started. And we had GlitStreet.

How were your initial days at GlitStreet?

We had 3 co-founders when we started out who were friends from work and school, and we were working on a listing model for stores like Zomato. After a few months, we realized that the model wouldn’t scale, and two of them left for personal reasons. Then I roped in a friend of mine from school who had a similar idea some time back, and we re-launched with the e-commerce model in December 2014. Now we are a team of twelve people.

Did you guys face any challenges at GlitStreet?

Building vendor base in the beginning was tough, as it was a new model and we had nothing to show. Getting in touch with them and arranging meetings became a task. Gaining credibility is tough in the beginning. Also, we had a very small budget, so marketing was also limited.

How did you guys come up with the name GlitStreet?

The name combines ‘Glitz’ and ‘Street’ and gives a gist of what we are. Glitz indicates a sense of glamour and fashion, and street signifies the local shopping element (like street shopping). Essentially we want to bring the local boutique experience online, which is why we chose the name.

Does GlitStreet plan to explore other domains apart from fashion?

Fashion is a starting point for us. We are going into other categories as well. It seemed like a good entry point given the large market opportunity and need gap. Eventually we will branch into all customized and made to order purchases, including accessories, furniture, home décor, art and more.

Given that the co-founders are a bunch of technocrats, how did you develop your website?

We have used Django and Python for backend developing, and Jquery and JavaScript for frontend. For the server, Nginx and Gunicorn have been employed.

How would you describe your target market?

We are mainly focused on Indian consumers and NRI market as well. Target customers are mostly metropolitan women in the age bracket of 25-40. Though we are gradually pushing into men’s apparel as well.

Do you plan to work on more platforms or bring about changes and updates?

We have recently launched our home trial and customization request services. We will be focusing on that. We are also building up a chat / file sharing platform to enable seamless communication between the customer and the designer.

How, do you think, does Glitstreet contribute in solving some problems for the market?

GlitStreet helps customers discover local designers and boutique stores and shop from them online, for customized and made to order garments. Our model is to provide customers the option of tailoring it as per their measurements to ensure proper fit, and provide home trial options for people to get a touch and feel of the product before ordering, thus reducing returns and making the model scalable.

What would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs?

1. Working smart is better than working hard. Spend time with your friends andfamily. Never let your startup consume your life completely. This way you will be able to accomplish more in less time.

2.Tough times will come. Bas Sar Jhukaao aur kaam karo (Just bow down your head and keep working). Don’t let the intensity drop. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

3. Be loyal to your team. Loyalty and Respect has to be earned. Your team is the lifeline of the company, whatever happens, you must stick by them.

What is your vision for GlitStreet?

Simply put, the vision is to be the no. 1 online destination for all customized shopping.

Well, take a hint all the young founders out there. One year down the lane now, GlitStreet has come this far and the team has proved that with smart work, loyalty and willpower, everything is possible.

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