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Customising The Million Dollar Alma Mater- Varun Agarwal

There are a lot of online shopping stores or websites available to people these days. Infact, you cansay online shopping has become a trend in the world today. But, when it comes to customised merchandise, there is one big name “Alma Mater”.

Alma mater has been providing unique custom t-shirt, sweatshirt printing for online customers for over 5 years now. The success and the popularity of this big online store comes from something people maybe unaware or unheard of.

The success of this online store can be attributed to a novel, a bestseller, “How I braved Anu aunty & co-founded a million dollar company.” Yeah, heard it right! A novel! I read this book and care to know that how one can do anything he/she wants to do, irrespective of the compulsions set by anyone around you, if you have that will and courage in you.

Varun, the sole author of the novel along with his school friend and later co-founder of this million dollar company, Rohn Malhotra, decides to follow his heart. And the success he gets after that is just unbelievable! 

If you decide to follow your heart, there’s nothing that you can’t achieve. Anu Aunty, the author’s mother’s best friend continuously belittles Varun and thwarts every step that he takes. But all he did was listen to what his heart was saying. The book chronicles of how the two friends put everything behind them and started a million dollar company. And look! What is there now that this online shopping store hasn’t got! More than 3 lakh happy customers, 15,000 plus customised designs.  Certainly, what more do you need? Especially when you get all of this by your own damn hard work.

If I can look back at this and say something to conclude, I would be really happy to say that, things that you can do by your own hard work, courage and dedication can’t be done with anyone else’s help. Not even your family members! 

“I believe that this country will grow up the day our kids are taught not to be scared. The day the students of this country are encouraged to learn, and not ‘mug’. The day we are taught to lead, and not follow. The day we are taught to think, and not just write exams. I wait to see that day, because when that happens, India won’t be entering retirement age, but will actually be born again”, is what Varun has to say to young entrepreneurs. Varun and Rohn Malhotra didn’t open a million dollar customised designing online store, they opened a designing tool of a human mind and dedication!

Himanshi Gupta

Coding in my brain, colors in my vein.Still, my heart goes to all the creative things in the world. From sketching, drawing to painting canvases, I love anything and everything related to illustration. All i need is a paper and pencil and i'm good to go. If everything works as per plan, I wish to travel the world while expressing my art.