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Marissa Mayer: Ebullient Truss Of Yahoo

A few years back, Yahoo witnessed the phase when the company’s parking lots were empty for the weekend by 4:30 PM Thursday. It took years for Yahoo to perk up its products, while competitors took months or just weeks. Yahoo’s apps for android and iPhone were ham-fisted.

July 16, 2012 was the epoch making day in the annals of Yahoo. 37 year old Marissa Mayer was Yahoo’s new CEO. Within weeks of Mayer’s touchdown, the lots were packed and the headquarters were humming till Friday evenings, within months, Yahoo was launching products at a pace it hadn’t hit in more than a decade. Within a year, Yahoo was winning awards and encomium for its product design. By the summer of 2013, tens of thousands of people were applying for Yahoo jobs every quarter. Yahoo finally had a team of hundreds working on apps for smartphones.

An extremely intelligent student, Marissa effectuated her dream by graduating from Stanford University with a Bachelor Of Science Degree in Symbolic Systems and Masters in Computer Science. She was an esoteric in Artificial Intelligence at her University.

As she had graduated out of prestigious University, she received more than 20 high paying job offers. But she rejected these profiles and plumped to latch on to a start-up company called Google in 1999.

At Google, she functioned in the roles of Designer, Product Manager & Engineer. She was involved in bringing out the most important products that Google had to offer. She has been embraced in almost all major project of Google including Google Search, Google Image, Google News, iGoogle, Gmail, Google Maps, etc.

In 2009, just 10 years after joining the company she was made the Vice President of search products and user experience. She has played an important role in making Start-Up like Google a $30 Billion company in 2010.

But she procured the greatest point in her career, when she tagged along with the rival company Yahoo as their CEO and the President. The company was losing its search users day by day and it was a predicament where it would have to close out in another year or so. The share price was stagnant at $20 per share. The company was facing huge competition from Google and many companies like Microsoft were stabbing it.

Yahoo was facing its worst period, but Mayer had the impeccable formula to get it back to the top. She started creating interest in the employees, refined the whole management and made Yahoo home in on the single goal of creating new products. Within a month, the upshot was conspicuous.

By the end of 2013, the share price of Yahoo had gone as far as $40 per share, which no financial expert could have envisaged a few months back. As of 2013, Yahoo is the company with the highest profit percentage among the Fortune 500 companies at nearly 75%. It has total revenue of $5 Billion, out of which $4 Billion are profits. Marissa Mayer has been paid $117 Million for her 5 year term at Yahoo.

As of today her net worth is in excess of $320 Million. She has made it to the list of America’s 50 most powerful women in the world for six years in a row 2008-2013. She has been named in the Time 100 in 2013, and is deemed as of one of the most powerful women in the world right now.

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