Revolution through Evolution

Dubey, the Whistleblower!

It was his first year of college and the Language Professor was testing their English speaking skills. The classroom had more than 400 students, and they were to read the words that were flashing on the screen. Everybody was miked up and had to recite in chorus. Dubey missed out a couple of words initially and panicked, but just then looked behind and thought, ‘How is the teacher going to mark us on our pronunciation when it sounds like a herd of sheep bleating away?’ And his next attempts were just 1. Open the mouth 2. Say AAAAaaa. So he was a proud student then and waited confidently for his scores. But to his surprise, he had failed that activity test. So he went back to the teacher and argued. (An engineering student’s trait of course) The teacher took him to a small room and showed him how the system was; the microphones given to them, each had a separate recording, which was how they were marked. So his secular hard work paid off to his complacency of expectations.

He had often laughed his lungs out to this memory but even consolidated the learnt outcomes. That, a method smartly accepted doesn’t always prevail to be correct. Instead, the right way is the path of hard-work and loyalty.

Mr. Satyendra Dubey, a 1994 civil engineer graduate from IIT Kanpur was the Deputy General Manager in the Centre’s National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) in 2002. He was working on the 60-km Aurangabad-Barachatti segment of the Golden Quadrilateral in Bihar with headquarters in Koderma, Jharkhand.

An excerpt from the letter to the Prime Minister by Dubey’s pen highlighting loot of public money and poor implementation - “Since such letters from a common man, are not usually treated with due seriousness, I wish to clarify that this letter is being written after careful thought by a very concerned citizen who is also very closely linked with the project. I request you to kindly go through my brief particulars (attached to a separate sheet to ensure secrecy) before proceeding further.’’ And how he was unencumbered from the roads of devotion!  Within 10 days, the PMO forwarded Dubey’s complaint to his parent Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. (MoRTH). Dubey’s request for anonymity was apparently ignored by the PMO. And on November 27, 2003, Dubey was shot dead in Gaya when he was returning from Varanasi. He had been so heedless all along in this journey of exposing corruption, that the FIR that was lodged after his death also saw no arrests.

Curious to know about the Highway-ing Dirty Politics that was never pandered? The Detail Project Reports clearly proved that the roads were in poor shape and could not be implemented in the field without major modifications; the procurement by the BIG contractors was found to be done by forged documents; there existed various NHAI officials who had given these contractors a hand out of greed; the mobilisation advances were being enjoyed by  a selected group of contractors that too before the ensured follow-up by them.

Needless to say, Dubey had aptly written the subject of his letter about the PM’s Highway showpiece as, “A Dream Project of Unparalleled Importance to the Nation.”

Ishani Mishra

I am a trained vocalist and an Odissi dancer. Albeit I am no preacher of the Indian Classical Art and Culture but I find a divine and spiritual connection which inclines me towards it. Other than this, I am a writer by passion.I hence like to move into reveries and ponder about issues and gather all the musings with my pen. I have a varied taste of writing and thus wish to try my hands on any and every aspect possible. And, my future aspiration is to become a civil servant.