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10 ways in which DuckDuckGo beats Google!

You read all about the search engine DuckDuckGo and how it was different from others. Let’s now take a look at some of the features which are exclusive to DDG and are missing in Google.

1.Social Media Bio

Who hasn’t stalked someone on social media before! It’s safe to say all of us, at some point or the other for some reason or the other have looked up people’s profile online. DuckDuckGo lets us do it directly by using the exclamation mark (!) followed by the website we want to search it in followed by the name. For example, if you want to look up Zooey Deschanel’s Twitter profile, all you need to search is ‘!twitter Zooey Deschanel’ and it’ll lead you straight to her Twitter page, skipping all the searching and opening. Neat huh?

                                    Zooey approves!

2. Shorten or expand links

‘What happens next will blow your mind..’ Sounds familiar? Nothing is more irritating than clicking on an interesting link and being directed to a stupid cat video. The deceiving links are disguised as interesting topics and put in front of the user. Using DuckDuckGo, one can expand these links before having to actually open them, saving not only our precious time, which we still while away on the internet, but mostly the embarrassment of opening something you would have never otherwise. Not only that, one can shorten excessively long links to make our work easier too.

                                          Because why not?

3. Password Generator

Have you ever struggled while making a password? Was it too short or too long? Did it have enough alphabets, numbers, special characters, Japanese symbols and equal number of lower or upper cases? Did it rhyme with orange? If yes then DuckDuckGo has an end to your problems. With the password generator, you can simply generate a password depending on the length you require. So gone are the days of futile brainstorming to come up with a password only to be rejected harshly by the computer. DuckDuckGo it!

                                 Good luck remembering that though

4. Stopwatch

Both DDG and Google have the option of giving you a timer, but DuckDuckGo also has the option of a quick stopwatch at your disposal. Just search for ‘stopwatch’ and a proper stopwatch would pop up. It has the options of lap timing as well and is quite useful since people nowadays are always online.

                               Using a normal stopwatch is too mainstream

5. Toggles the case and counts the number of characters

Just by adding a simple phrase like ‘title case’ before the search, you can toggle the case of your query the way you like. Also, adding the word ‘chars’ before your query will result in the search engine returning the number of characters in your search. Now, these features are quite common and available in Word as well, but it’s far more fun doing them using the search engine! And of course, the main reason that I mentioned earlier, we are ALWAYS online.

                                                 And we love you too! 

6. Checks if websites are down

One of the most profound errors of the internet is 404: NOT FOUND. Many a times we land on a website currently down. After a bunch of refreshes do we finally accept reality and decide to leave. So why not first check if our destination website is up and running before paying it a visit? With DuckDuckGo, all you need to do is ask a question, ‘is dash-dash-dash down’ and it’ll give you the answer. 

                                         Just like our spirits.

7. It rhymes where most people whine

Okay that wasn’t DuckDuckGo with the terrible rhyming but me. The search engine helps us find rhyming words by simply adding the phrase ‘rhymes with’ before the word for which you want a rhyming word. Quite handy for when one is writing poems, or in extreme cases just really really bored!

                                         Next time try ‘orange’

8. Cool features for developers
There are several instant answers that will be useful to software developers, but might be less important for the general public. Here's a quick list of some of the things that DuckDuckGo can do-

  • Encode URLs to machine-readable text
  • Convert binary to decimal
  • Show a list of special characters and their HTML values
  • Show HTML value for any special character
  • Show colours based on hexadecimal values

                                      Conversions have never been easier


9. Calendar

Now I agree there is nothing cool with a calendar, but the fact that DuckDuckGo has the option of an instant calendar and Google doesn’t says something. You get the calendar of which ever date, whichever year, as long as it’s not absurdly ancient, along with the days. Again, it mainly provides convenience and quite often acts as a bet settler!

     Told you my birthday 1015 years back was a Saturday!

10. Apps and related data

DuckDuckGo also displays the app you searched for along with its details, as well as other similar apps which might you useful to you. The best thing about this is its fast and user friendly. One doesn’t have to surf multiple pages before finding the right one. It’s a real time saver!

               No words, only respect.

Loan Calculator, Instant Answers and Alternatives to Words are some other honourable mentions which couldn’t make it to the list of top ten, yet are quite different and new.

So what are you waiting for! Duck, Duck, GO!


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